We strive to please land owners by conducting work that creates improved wildlife habitat, prepares for a vibrant regeneration of trees, and ultimately meets their individual goals.

Veteran Owned

Hull Forest Products is a Veteran owned business serving St. Louis County, MN and surrounding areas.

Easy to Use

Hull Forest Products has a fully trained and experienced crew, working with the MN Logger Education program to receive up to date continuous education. 

Timber Harvest

Choosing to log their property for hopes of seeing a more diverse population of trees, Scott & Sara were both pleased with the results that came from their decision to work with Hull Forest Products to meet their land management goals.

Land Clearing

Wishing to better utilize their property for hunting, this Wisconsin landowner was delighted with the food plots and shooting lanes accomplished by our Terex PT110 forestry mulcher.


"We never used the woods before because it was so thick with trees.  Now with the trails created and the thinning that happened, we can walk back here, ski, snowshoe, and enjoy our property.  We also have seen so many critters on our property since the logging was completed.  They were not as prevalent before we logged."

- Sara Lounsbury

"We have owned our cabin by Cotton, MN for eight  years, and for eight years my wife has been pleading with me to be able to see the lake.  To clear the brush would have been a job that would take another eight years.  Four hours of Hull clear cutting, happy wife and beautiful sunsets!  Thanks Josh!"

- Dale Corey

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