Hull Forest Products Biomass Production
Morbark Chip Harvester utilizes non-merchantable stems for renewable energy.
Hull Forest Products & McCabe Forest Products both have a long-standing reputation for leaving the logging site usable for the creatures that inhabit the land.  Instead of leaving large logs and unusable materials on site after harvesting, biomass is created from the timber which is a usable final product and leaves the land looking cleaner after logging is completed.
A whole tree chipper enables the entire tree and portions of trees, that would otherwise be wasted, to be used for biomass. Not only does this increase the value of a stand of timber, it also makes it easier to get around post-harvest and gives the area a cleaner look in the end.
The wood chips and grindings produced are used in green energy production, landscaping, and road building.  They are sold to local residents and businesses.
Please view our Sustainable Forestry video for more information on utilizing our forests: